Top trends to look out for this Autumn 2018

With spring/summer fashion in full swing, it’s time to be one step ahead and be prepared for when Autumn hits.  With Paris fashion week giving us a mixture of looks and ideas, there are plenty of choices.

This Autumn animal print is back! Still have that leopard print coat at the back of your wardrobe from 2013? Well, dig it out and work it. Animal prints are making a major comeback from the classic leopard print, to ocelot, zebra – you name it, it’s time to wear it. Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors are just some of the major brands to include it in their recent Runway catwalks. For a cheaper alternative shop online at, with prices on the print from just £5!

Another trend to watch out for is the leather dress or skirt. Gone are the silks and velvets of last winter and in is the sassy but smart leather. You can team a black leather dress with a cosy knitted jumper for the day, or dress it up with killer heels and a bright colour clutch for the evening.

Cape coats, Shawls and oversized scarves are sure to make this Autumn cosy. The cape coat is no longer restricted to Burberry, but other big named brands are making their mark on this traditional style coat. It’s easy and comfortable to wear and can make a basic outfit turn into a stylish one! If a cape coat is not for you, then oversized scarves may be an easier and affordable alternative – even better when you can find one that doubles as a shawl. To pull this look off wrap a thin belt around the outfit, as seen in the picture!

Following in the Queen’s footsteps – tweed is back. Not just the traditional, but tweed has gone crazy in this year’s Autumn and Winter looks. Miu Miu for one has gone above and beyond, to make tweed an exaggerated 80s look, whereas Chanel and Calvin Klein are keeping it classy. Oversized tweed coats and scarves are going to be a practical yet comfortable ensemble – some will even go as far as tweed skirts!

Another theme seen on fashion week is the cowboy style. Calvin Klein has taken a modern twist on this traditional theme with bright colours, kitschy cacti and laid back cowhide prints. However, to add this to your everyday wear you can team a western shirt with some black skinny jeans or a skirt and look slightly more casual than those dressed on the catwalk.

Something different this Autumn season is shiny silver. The catwalk was illuminated with this colour and material, adding futuristic vibes. Fashion designer Oliver Rousteing even believes that this is what women will be wearing in 2050. I guess this could be one way to save money- and recycle what is in your wardrobe now – to use for the future. Wear a silver satin slip dress for a great night out, or a silver silk top with black skinny jeans to dress down for the day.

There are many more trends to come as we head into Autumn and Winter 2018. Perhaps some of you can recycle what is already in your wardrobe – if not – then it gives you a chance to have some retail therapy! 


Current beauty faves

Hey guys, I thought I would share with you some of my current beauty favourites. I have been using some of this stuff for a while now and some are definitely my ‘go to’ item. I also have a few new items that I haven’t been trying out for long, but have fallen in love with!


So firstly, one that Ive been using for a while is the Anastasia Modern Renaissance pallet. The colours in this are amazing and are super bendable! I normally use the colour ‘Tempera’ to go underneath the brow and on my cupids bow to highlight. I also use ‘Red ochre’ to blend into the cut crease. As these colours are super pigmented I suggest using lightly, and build up for your desired look!

Another product that I have been using for ages is the MAC prep and prime fix plus. This product I normally use as a base (after I’ve moisturised) and as a setting spray once my makeup is complete. This makes my makeup stay in place all day and rehydrates the skin to prevent those pesky patchy and cakey looks!

Some new products I have been using recently are from NYX. I do have a large quantity of their lipsticks and lip glosses, so wanted to see what else they had to offer. For christmas I got given a set which so far I’ve been using the NYX HD studio Eye shadow baseI have never really tried out eyeshadow bases before, so wouldn’t know how this one compares to others, but it has been keeping my eyeshadow perfect for hours. Its quite a creamy consistency, so when I apply the eyeshadow on it blends well.

As well as this, I have also been using the NYX HD studio Correcting Concealer. This is a nice liquid concealer that covers up any imperfections and dark circles under the eyes. As I picked up a very light shade, I do use this to slightly contour my face – ontop of my foundation. I bake this to prevent creasing. Once baked this concealer stays on stays looking matte!

So I was looking around in Primark recently, to which they have definitely updated their makeup and beauty range! I have used some small Primark lipsticks in the past and have always found they are too a good standard. I was looking around anyway for some more setting powder (to bake away those creases) and stumbled on this in Primark. I wanted to try out the Banana powder – as I’ve always gone for the white or translucent kind. I can safely say that I am surprised by how good it has worked on my face! If your looking for a bargain setting powder to try out, then you’ve found one 😉

Lastly, Another christmas gift – as Ive also wanted to try this out for a while – is Soap and Glorys – Pillow Plump XXLI wanted my lips to look more fuller without the pain and money of lip fillers. Although this won’t give you a huge plump, it gives of a slight tingle and creates a more defined pout. I use this with a slightly darker nude lip liner.

My go to perfume these past few months have been Yves saint lauren- Mon Paris. 



Getting in the festive spirit

(Some personal thoughts over the past few weeks)

24169760_134768260555229_66358523_oYep, its here. The season I love. Not because of the cold, but because of the great tree and twinkly fairy lights scattered around the room.

Most years I have enjoyed Christmas, but its never really had the same feel as when you were a kid. Maybe its because of the Santa’s not real, or maybe its because you don’t look through the Argos catalogue on the run up to the big day (Yes 90s kids represent).

However, this year I feel changed. I have thought to myself it is what you make it. Therefore with the help of my beautiful boyfriend (yes you baby) I am getting in the extra festive spirit early.

Previous years, Mum has always had the control of the tree. She wasn’t one to let the kids go wild and mess up the tree, but instead nicely co-ordinated to look pristine and perfect. This year I allowed myself the happiness in putting one up – even when battling my boyfriend in deciding whether it was too early or not. I obviously won, but it was like two days from being December. So why not.

As well as this, I also made him sit with antlers on, listening to Christmas music. I swear he loved it… I mean he sang along to some of the words.

[Update – a few weeks later]24209174_134768307221891_466678059_o

Yes its here OFFICIALLY HERE … December. No excuse now. Ive managed to buy all my Christmas presents and wrap them whilst singing (badly) along to festive music. Ive tried a load of different so called exclusive winter drinks from the likes of costa and Starbucks, which wasn’t too bad, but I still felt like a stereotypical insta girl posing with her pumpkin spiced latte.

Ive also eaten at least 8 days worth of my advent calendar. Oh god the highlights of my life at the moment.  Ive got a sh*t tonne of university work to do, but the coldness of winter makes me want to snuggle up and hibernate. Did I mention I got special Christmassy Pjs for this.

I have had fun doing these little bits on the run up to Christmas , and looking back so far It has given me little bits of excitement to focus on, rather than feeling stressed all the time. Who knows, maybe this will be the start of my madness, or more excitement for the following Christmas’s to come.

peace out. xo



Moving forward with fashion and the new year

Image sourced from Pinterest

Every year tonnes of people decide on new year’s resolutions. Do they stick to them… well that’s up to you to decide! However, every year I am one of those people and try to budget more when buying clothes. But of course with all the sales to look forward to – it’s not exactly hard to find any excuse to spend my Christmas money… and there I find myself in the same position as the previous year… skint.

This new year I have come up with a resolution slightly different, to help myself and anyone else with the same problem. Rather than completely cut out my high spending at the shops, I will simply set myself small goals to create the perfect and satisfied wardrobe.

So here are my personal thoughts on great resolutions – to get you ready and strutting for the new year.

First things first, is to detox your wardrobe, I mean personally I have like 6 million pairs of jeans that I never ever wear. I have other garments that I’ve always kept but never wear either. I start off with taking these to a charity shop, or selling them on Depop or even Facebook. Even though I never wear them, someone else might and besides it’s great to know that they are being put to good use. With all this space now in my drawers, it means I can focus on the pairs I love and fill the void with something I know I will wear.

If you’re stuck doing this, be harsh on yourself. Someone once told me a great trick. Start with all your hangers turned the other way (hung backwards rather than the usual way) in your wardrobe and once you wear the item on the hanger turn it the other way.  By the end of the week, month or even year, you will see what you have never worn. Recycle it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 11.33.22

Next, Organise your wardrobe or drawers. Now that you have hopefully cleared out the stuff you don’t use, you can utilise the space and make it neat. Try organising it differently than the last year. Either by colour co-ordinating, creating outfits for the week, or putting it in order of garments. This may make you more likely to see everything you have to offer and wear more often.

With a clean and fresh wardrobe, you can move on to the thing we all love. Shopping. This time however invest right. Rather than buying odds and ends, try and buy set outfits or things you really need.

A great way to do this is by purchasing staple items and basic clothes. Staple necklace, shoes or coat can transform outfits from day to night for example. Basic clothes – in natural colours can be interchangeable and creates more than one outfit!

Image sourced from Pinterest

On the other hand, you can also start to experiment with colour. Buy staple items that pop with colour to give outfits a wow factor. Personally I have always played it safe with black and grey, but for 2018 I aim to wear more colour. To break yourself into this habit, start with a bag, shoes or scarf to add to your wardrobe.  This way you know you can stretch the confidence to wear them often, and not shy away from choosing it for your day to day wear.

Dhani Mau, editorial director for FASHIONISTA magazine, agrees with this all the way and states that one of their new year’s resolutions has been to ”focus on more of the small details… Looking more at the fit and fabric of the things I do buy, investing in more subtle, pretty jewellery that I can wear every day … and only purchasing ‘that spark joy’.”

Not only are we sorting our fashion resolutions for the new year, but a lot of what we go to buy will influence us. Retailers, especially big named brands will have an overhaul and begin selling what they believe will be the next new trend. Of course by this point brands and companies have already released their version of the spring/summer 2018 wardrobe.

Take it from Louis Vuitton – where he has envisioned turning sports wear and historical dress  into one outfit – ready to wear for Spring/Summer 2018 See here:

Or even Valentino taking  romantic poetry from 1516 and giving it a futuristic twist:

Be experimental with your new year fashion – like these designer brands – and develop your style. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and love your own fashion. Hopefully with these new year’s resolutions for your style, you can too have your perfect and satisfied wardrobe!

If you’re stuck for some inspiration in 2018, here are some dates for your diary. Stay tuned and spot the different trends that are about to take off!

New York fashion week February 8th-16th 2018

London Fashion Week February 16th-20th 2018

Milan Fashion Week February 21st-27th 2018

Paris Fashion week February 27th- March 6th 2018

Or you can see different designer brands  ‘ready to wear’  for Spring/Summer 2018 here :

Savings over the festive period


If you’re like me and tend to go for the big savings over the Christmas holidays, then you have come to the right place!

I always love Winter, for many reasons including the winter fashion. However, one sales event I always look forward to is the Boxing day sales.

A great idea that many take on each year, is to buy their Christmas presents for next year. I however, still haven’t lived up to my vow of doing this… yet.

So if this has peeked your interest, here’s a few shops to look out for over the festive season.

If you’re normally a big spender and browse Debenhams, Next, John Lewis or even Marks and Sparks then look no further on boxing day.

With prices slashed by up to 90%, Boxing day is set to be one of the busiest days of the year for the high street.

Despite the likes of Next and even Curry’s dropping some of their deals on Christmas Eve, yes 48 hours early, they are still sure to generate enough customers.

Need that microwave, printer or lamp? Well Another great savings you wouldn’t want to miss is Argos dropping up to 60% of across homewares and electrical appliances. This may be great for those of you moving out of halls and into flats.

Alternatively, if you don’t like venturing out into the cold, Amazon also have a great sales selection on Boxing day or over January, and often around this time aim for 70% off on selected items.

Another situation you may find yourself in, is that sometimes you can’t help but forget that one persons present, but don’t panic. Boots have up to 50% on fragrances, I mean who doesn’t love perfume or after shave?


So there you have it, shop till you drop with amazing savings!


Student fashion; is the discount worth it?

Image sourced from River island website.

Earlier this week, I went and discussed with fashion retail managers in Plymouth’s Drake Circus, to see whether all this commotion over the Student discount is really worth it.

With so many students joining university every year, many will always have the general worries of being the new starter, and face the Fashion conscious phase at ‘Freshers’.

One of the first shops I called into was a personal favorite. Yes you guessed it, River Island.

I asked Hayley, 23, who was the Sales and Service manager, on how it benefits the store holding the student discount.

Hayley first explained to me that it benefits students.

‘[River Island] gets a lot of new customers… who can benefit from the new styles and fits that they don’t even know about’. 

However, she went on to say that It can also benefit River Island by gaining more loyal customers who will ‘come in here every time they need a new pair of jeans’.

As well as River Island, I went into another shop that is popular with students – New Look. Sandra, 47, who is the Deputy store manager was in full support of the Student Discount scheme, and told me more or less the same thing- that student discount means more customers.

With this in mind, I asked which item of clothing is mostly bought when students saunter into the stores.

Sandra emphasized ‘Its normally the higher priced items in the store, such as the boots’.

River Islands response was similar; however, Hayley had previously explained to me that this changes through the seasons. An example of this is during the Autumn or Winter phase, the most sought after product for students were Mainly coats.

As well as this Hayley also mentioned that the winter stock ‘starts anything from when the summer sale begins, so August onwards, as the stores are always one step ahead. It’s always next season the stores are looking for’.

Image sourced from New Look website.

This settles it then. We all should use the Student Discount, as it not only saves us money, but can often entice us into new stores and can open our minds to new trends, fits and styles.

If your worried about spending however, you can keep ahold of your old clothes as the styles always circulate.

Take it from Sandra, the New Look Deputy store manager.

‘We will always recycle the old styles, you can see things that were out years ago are coming back through again’.

Or, you can take it from Hayley, the River Island Sales and Services manager.

‘You go back from your 70’s or 60’s through to 90’s fashion, with your sport luxe look, so anything from your polos to stretchy waist bands, track suit bottoms and trainers, that’s very Puma season’.  

 ‘We are also looking forward to the Velvet for the Autumn to Winter 2017. So we will have Velvet boots, embroidered denim and things like that, things that are looking very plush and very expensive’.



Five fashion tips from my American travels

Everyone always loves a ‘holiday’ shop right before they jet away to some exotic far away land. Me – I had to pack for America, and of course my debit card suffered.

So here are the five top tips I want to share, as a result of  me spending a few months in America.

Keep your fashion items neutral

Now one thing I’m super glad I did, was keeping my garments basic and all in neutral colours. This means that everything went with everything. My skirts went well with all my tops, and my dresses went well with all my shoes. It resolved the worry of  feeling like ‘I have nothing to wear.’

I stuck mostly to a colour pallet of white, grey, olive green, baby pinks and camel beige. Besides, with celebrity icons such as the Kardashian clan always opting for this colour range too, nothing could go wrong.

Bring pairs of shoes specific to occasions

I didn’t bring any heels as I knew that I wouldn’t be needing them. Instead I brought a pair of white converse, some sandals and a pair of pointed ballet flats.  I knew that these shoes would be interchangeable between the outfits as they were also neutral colours – Black, tan and white.

To avoid taking up room in your suitcase – don’t pack heels, but instead pack a pair of sandals that have added bling, or something extra like the gladiator style.

Add a cute rucksack to your wardrobe

With small rucksacks coming back into the fashion world, there are plenty chic options available. No longer are they just for secondary school children carrying hoards of books, but  they can now be used to style an outfit. For me carrying one was  a lifesaver – as although I’m in love with my handbags, it was a comfortable yet stylish way to explore the sights in the area.

Check the weather before you go and don’t fret about not having enough clothes

This may sound completely obvious – but yes on my travels I met a few people who didn’t. One guy I met who was from Australia only brought with him winter clothing for temperatures 25 degrees Celsius plus. I as well could have left a few jeans and jumper at home, but me being me likes to over pack and over think everything. I did check the weather, but like I said I was suspicious….don’t be!

Pack for the conditions and save room. If worse comes to worse, you can purchase jumpers or coats out there!

Leave room for clothes you will purchase out there

I ended up having to substitute and get rid of some of the clothes I took out there. I fell in love with beauty products and clothes that was slightly cheaper to what I would get in the UK.

If you love fashion like me, I can guarantee you will find plenty you want to take back with you.